The Nineteen Lodges

1Grand Masters LodgeThe Lodge was founded in 1756 and was No. 1 of the Antients. It was the only pre-Union Lodge to retain its number after the union of both Grand Lodges in 1813.
2Lodge of AntiquityThe Lodge headed the list of Time Immemorial Lodges which formed the premier Grand Lodge in 1717. Thought to have been founded in 1691.
IVRoyal Somerset House and Inverness LodgeThis Lodge was one of the four original Lodges of the Premier Grand Lodge in 1717 and thereby one of the three remaining Time Immemorial Lodges.
5St George's and Corner Stone LodgeThe Cornerstone Lodge was founded in 1730 and was the first Lodge to pay for its constitution.
6Lodge of FriendshipConstituted in 1721, the Lodge probably possesses the earliest Consitution granted by Grand Lodge, which is still known to be in existence.
8British LodgeThe British Lodge appears in both Anderson's manuscript list of 1722 and the earliest engraved list of 1723.
14Tuscan LodgeFormed from Tuscan Lodge, founded in 1722 and St. Mary Le Bone Lodge, founded in 1753. At the time of merging, the Lodge was No. 7.
21Lodge of EmulationFounded in 1723, its emblem is a beehive, a symbol signifying perseverance, industry and diligence. Originally named Mourning Bush Lodge.
23Globe LodgeFounded in 1723, but named as such in 1768 after the tavern in Fleet Street where it met from 1766 to 1768. It regained its original number despite the renumbering of lodges.
26Castle Lodge of HarmonyWarranted in 1725, the name Castle Lodge was assumed in 1768, whilst the present title was adopted in 1776, on the merger with the Lodge of Harmony No. 339.
28Old King's Arms LodgeConstituted in 1725 and providing the first Steward for the Grand Feast in 1726. The Lodge also played a major role in the first Board of Grand Stewards in 1728.
29St Alban's LodgeFounded in 1728, the Lodge took its name from St. Alban's Tavern, SW1, where it met from 1741 to 1772.
46Old Union LodgeConstituted in 1735, the Lodge first met at the Mitre Tavern in Southwark. Originally No, 140, it was renumbered seven times before arriving at its present number in 1863.
58Lodge of FelicityBegan at the Gun Tavern Lodge in 1737, changing its name three times and its number nine times before settling on its current title.
60Lodge of Peace and HarmonyFounded in 1738 and in possession of a complete set of its foundation records. It first met at The Sign of the Angel and Crown in Spitalfields.
91Lodge of RegularityConstituted as No. 259 in 1755, becoming No. 91 in 1863 following various changes. It allegiance to the Premier Grand Lodge prior to the Union in 1813.
99Shakespear LodgeFounded in 1757, one of its early Masters, the Earl of Effingham, was acting Grand Master in 1782.
197Jerusalem LodgeDating back to 1731, its first recorded number, No. 44 dates from 1757. The present warrant is dated 1771.
259Prince of Wales's LodgeFounded by George, Prince of Wales, in 1787. Members were granted the privilege of wearing an inner edging of Garter blue on their aprons on succession to the throne of his brother, the Duke of Clarence, the Master of the Lodge.